Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories make so much sense to the people who believe them, while “non-believers” are left shaking their heads… This week Slate featured a blog post from about a 9/11 conspiracy theory. In answer to the question “what do 9/11 truthers believe?” Mark Rogowsky said truthers claim that the WTC towers fell because of an elaborate government bomb plot, not because of the planes that flew into them or the resulting fire. According to Rogowsky, such people argue that the collapse was caused by tons of explosives that government agents set up in each tower in the days or weeks before the attack, without anyone noticing. The plane hijackings, also supposedly arranged by the government, were to distract people from what was really going on. (more…)

Trust, Lies, and the Election

Apparently, this presidential campaign is full of lies, and accusations of lying, but Americans don’t seem to care too much.

Screenshot of Pinocchio from the trailer for the film Pinocchio (1940). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Calling someone a liar “crosses a line,” but it’s now become part of the “formal strategy” at the highest levels, says Daniel Henninger in the WSJ. After explaining that this tactic was used to destroy opponents during political show trials in the 1930s, he asks how “an accusation once confined to the lowest, whiskey-soaked level of politics or rank propaganda campaigns is occurring daily in American politics?” As a case in point, during last night’s vice presidential debate, Biden accused Ryan of “being full of it,” and then the two chuckled about it. (more…)